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The Membership Enhancement Coordinators main purpose is the retention of Members. Coordinators will also work with Directors at each level to promote FUN activities for the Members. They work with the Directors to educate the Membership on the many benefits of being a GWRRA Member (i.e. Gold Book, Wing World, Rescue Program, etc...) and make sure all the New and Prospective Members are contacted on a monthly basis when the Area Report List is sent out from the Home Office.


• Develop and maintain a Membership listing for the Chapter from the Gathering sign-in sheet and provide support for the Chapter Director.

• Be responsible for the sign-in sheet at Chapter Gatherings making sure everyone signs in and checking Membership expiration dates.

• Serve as liaison to the District Membership Enhancement Coordinator making sure the District Membership Enhancement Coordinator is made aware of any changes to the Chapter Membership Enhancement Coordinator information (new Coordinator, email address, etc…).

• Be a mentor to New Members (explain the benefits of GWRRA, the terminology, Chapter Life, etc…).

• Promote involvement within the Membership and encourage everyone to become involved.